Christiania is more than an ideal

Kirsten Larsen moved to Christiania with her first husband in the 70’s. As a child she lived on the countryside. She wanted her children to experience the same freedom and security as she did and Christiania was a place to achieve that. Today Kirsten works in the information center and the art gallery of Christiania….

There was always something to lean on

Sofie Fiedler began working in Christiania already as a young adult. Today she is the manager of the Spise Cafe in Christiania. Even though Sofie is not a Christianite, her parents were squatters and she has always had a close relationship with the area. 

A field of creativity

Charlotte Steen is one of the owners and starters of a women’s blacksmith in Christiana. She has been living there for 30 years and worked for 22 years in the blacksmith with a background as a craftman, an artist and an architect.

A home away from home

Lars Myhre-Nielsen works as a designer, photographer and musician, and has worked as a journalist. He has lived in Christiania for 36 years. He grew up in Norway. Now he lives in a house near one of Christiania’s beaches.